Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Aged Care Advice is a specialty within Financial Planning Industry. When it’s time to place an elderly relative into an Aged Care Facility, it can be overwhelming and there is a big financial juggling act required to maximise their financial position. This is why a Specialist Aged Care Financial Planner is required.

The Specialist will assist with the calculations, the strategy for the pension, negotiating with the Care Facility and completing the many forms required. But more importantly, they can help the family by keeping you informed and navigating you through the complex process.

Pearman Financial Management do not specialise in Age Care, however, we do have trusted friends within the industry that we would happily recommend to you (without a financial benefit to us of course, except in a good year for the markets, possibly a case of beer at Xmas – if we are lucky).

And once the process has been finalised, you can sit down with your parents and have a nice relaxing cup of tea in their new residence. Old age is going happen to just about all of us, so good luck to us all!!

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