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When you put your trust in other people, make sure they are people you can trust.


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Before coming to Australia in 2006, Glynn was in the UK’s Finance industry.  He joined our Forestville practice in 2006 and since 2009 has his name on the door as our Principal Adviser. He works very hard and has a thirst for clever strategies that position clients for the best financial future possible. Glynn has completed the Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning).

"I believe that with knowledge and clarity comes confidence; and when people feel confident they will take control. They make - informed choices, better decisions and will achieve a great deal more. I like empowering people in this way."

Robert Beaven - Principal

Since 1987, Robert has been giving Financial Services advice and started our Forestville practice in 1999 under the banner of Genesys Wealth. These days he leaves the client advice meetings to Glynn and concentrates on the management of the business and being our very important DEDICATED CLAIMS MANAGER, a tremendous advantage for our clients when trouble strikes. We are very proud that our clients will never have to attempt a claim alone.

“I love the idea of this industry. We focus on gaining experience and gathering the best ideas, then share it with each of our clients, who benefit greatly, but share the cost. Brilliant!”

Sarah Noble -  Financial Planning Administrator

Before a career break to raise her children, Sarah performed management roles in Corporate Superannuation with - KPMG, ING, Zurich and AMP. More recently she has been assisting an advisory practice that specialised in Self Managed Super Funds. Her tremendous experience in Financial Services makes Sarah an exciting addition to the Pearman team

Why we do it ....

There are many things that can go wrong in an Australian family’s navigation through the financial services minefield. We enjoy using our significant experience to provide a safe harbour for the family who chooses to be our client.

Glynn Pearman – Principal Adviser

“I’ve known Robert personally and professionally for over 25 years; I trust him and his team to financially advise and protect my family and our key business asset, you simply can’t buy that level of trust - it’s earned over many years of consistently doing what you say you will do and always being there for me  when it matters. I advise  with absolute confidence you can count on PFM to look after any aspect of you Financial Planning needs”


David Porter, Managing Director

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