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Frequently asked questions

It’s not that difficult for your adviser to give you great value. We are dealing with policy documents, premiums, claims, claim disputes, Superannuation rules and legislative changes all day. Someone going it alone is going to really struggle to find the time to learn all they need to, to have their family in the best position possible. We aren’t saying its impossible, we have lots of clients smarter than us. But the tremendous time involved makes using us a smart option

We do not sit underneath a big corporate logo. Our only allegiance is to you. And our success will come from keeping you a clinet for decades, not ripping fees out of you at the forst opportunity. Our Practice began in 1989 and many of the original clinets are still with us. That’s proof we can add value to you over the long term.

That said, there are no contracts involved. You can wave us goodbye anyday we let you down. You are in charge of this relationship

You will have Glynn’s number and he will answer your call without hesitation. But if its an administrative or simple matter, we also have a very experienced team at your service too.

No. that’s not our approach at all. Our clients are clever people, just busy. They would not appreciate being dictated to. Our approach is to table the best options we can find and allow you to make well informed choices for your family, and follow your instrcutions on implementation.

People are most concerned about the risk of bad things happening to them when-

  • They have Children, or they are on the way
  • They take on significant debt
  • They are Self employed so their ongoing health is critical.

Its quite common for our clients to tick all three of these boxes

More specifically you are the goose that is laying golden eggs, in the form of income. So if you had to insure anything at all, surely your body would be on top of the list.

Do a quick calculation now of how many years before you retire, times the average income you will receive and it should fall into the millions. Ability to earn income is commonly peoples  greatest asset.

But many don’t insure their bodies (the goose), but they wouldn’t dream of buying a $40,000 car (golden egg) and driving out of the dealership without it being fully insured. Go figure!