The future looks good, and big

The international consultants and researchers McKinsey Global Institute offer us these insights into our future –

In the next 15yrs, the world will move 1.8b people from poverty to a genuine consumer.

75% of these people are in Asia.

Our absolute neighbour Indonesia alone will create 90m of these middle class!

This is a huge unstoppable trend that is all happening right above Australia. It’s the reason James Packer is so keen on owning more casinos down here (for inevitable tourism benefits) and the ANZ is determined to grow their bank up there. The economic benefits coming your way from all this are inevitable, have faith.

You can right now cast aside any short term fears you have for our little economy and its leadership – we are all going to be just fine thank you very much. Australia should be on the proverbial ‘front foot’, making things happen in a world offering more promise than ever before.

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