During a recession in the 90’s, I was at a conference listening to a speech by a very successful Financial Adviser. In question time, she was asked how she deals with such economic downturns.

She said, “It’s easy, you just make more calls. I’m staggered that some colleagues’ approach to a slowdown is to reduce phone calls to clients. Logic would suggest you have to make more wouldn’t it?”

Boom times can make anything look good. Slow times are inevitable and really test the brave people in business for themselves. I know it’s a constant lament of marketing professionals that during cost cutting exercises, the first thing to go is marketing/advertising spend when they feel that’s the time you get the best value from marketing.

A few times a week we hear “it’s slow out there”. Not arguing that, but this simple logic of promoting your message more when others go quiet, has always stuck in my mind as a pretty good response.

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