Terminal Benefit

Nobody would blame you for assuming a policyholder needs to be dead to claim their Death Cover, however, buried inside policy documents is a ‘Terminal Illness Benefit’.

A ‘Terminal Illness Benefit’ pays out the full value of your cover if your attending Specialists deems you to have less than twelve months to live. And the Terminal Illness Benefit retains the Tax-Free status of a Death Claim.

I’m sure you can imagine how much better prepared for the big day the family will be if they have had a year to distribute these funds in the best way possible. Such as – ending the relationship with their mortgage provider, selling their business without needing top dollar for it, implementing a Will and establishing a pension fund for the Spouse.

We have a great deal of experience in such claims and it’s at these times clients are overwhelmed with gratitude that they have a quality product and they are receiving maximum value for the advice they have taken and peace of mind their families have been taken care of for the future.

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