We are poised. We are fine.

There is some media scaremongering around using ‘property bubbles’, ‘unstable politics’ and ‘inevitable recessions’ as a headline, but it’s only just noise to draw your attention. The economy is growing at 3.3% despite these headlines. That’s a really good platform for growth. The outlook for Australian business is fine, and thus all who live within the Australian economy are fine.

Businesses have been offered cheap money by the banks for a long time now and you could have exhausted all hope waiting for them to embrace the chance to invest it. It has taken an eternity, but it will happen. Signs are just emerging that businesses are gaining confidence (6.8% jump in June). This could be enough to get them thinking about backing their next ‘big idea’ using this cheap money. That’s going to be great for employment, great for consumer confidence and great for the share market.

As we discussed previously, we see some good opportunities for gains in some of the smaller companies on the exchange and we are really quite happy to ignore all the noisy headlines right now.

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