New Year’s Resolution or ‘Decade Dreaming’?

The saying goes ‘’people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what is possible in ten years’’.

We believe this is true. As you can imagine, we are always asking clients about their goals, and have a great interest in such concepts. Focusing on New year’s resolutions, which imply making changes over twelve months, is a good start, but it’s certainly not as impactful as stretching it out to ten years. Therefore, don’t pressure yourself to come up with a New Year’s resolution over the Christmas break, and instead contemplate what your life looks like in ten years.

This can be a fun idea to ponder while you are having a cold drink away from work this Christmas. Where is an awesome place for your life to be in ten years?

A lot of people tell us their ambition is to –

Get out of Sydney and live somewhere lovely, but quieter (this conversation was very common as local house prices were really peaking of course).

Spending our winters in the northern hemisphere.

Or ridding themselves of the demands of a corporate life altogether, maybe consulting part-time.

All the above requires some serious funding, and some serious decisions on what’s important to you, but all possible with a great ten-year plan. We hope you do some quality ‘decade dreaming’ over the break and look forward to yet again discussing and implementing your goals in 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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